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Why Should I Buy a Lexus?

Why Should I Buy a Lexus?

It’s important to do your research before buying a car. Luckily, if you are looking into purchasing a Lexus you are probably going to find more positive reviews. They are well-known to be some of the most affordable, reliable and safe luxury cars on the market.

Affordable Luxury Car

Lexus is one of the few luxury cars that can pride itself on affordable pricing. These beautiful and sleek vehicles can cost anywhere from $30,000-$105,000 depending on the model. Keeping in mind, those are the price points of a brand new Lexus. If you are shopping for a used vehicle, those prices will drop right down.

These prices are quite affordable, especially when comparing to other luxury cars like Bentley or Mercedes-Benz that can cost you well over $200,000 brand new.

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Long Life Span

We all hope to get as much use out of our vehicles for as long as possible. For years, Lexus models have been known to have a long lifespan. Most lasting over the 300,000-kilometre point. The Lexus RX ranked #1 on the 2015 Consumers’ Report for Best Luxury SUV. Cars are ranked on the Consumers’ Report for their overall performance, reliability, owner satisfaction and safety.

Fewer Repairs

Many mechanics and car buffs will attest to Lexus models not requiring as many repairs as other vehicle brands. Of course, this is all depending on how frequent and constant your car maintenance is. Bringing your car in for regular oil changes and tune-ups is the best way to avoid huge repairs that can do some damage on your wallet. Lexus had every single one of its models rank above average for reliability in past Consumers’ Reports.

Great Fuel Economy

Other luxury cars don’t begin to compare to the fuel economy of Lexus models. The Lexus CT 200 is by far the most impressive. The CT gets around 5.5L/100lm in the city and about 5.9L/100km on the highway. This is just one of the outstanding models that can save you money at the pump. One of our knowledgeable sales representatives at Multi-Line would be happy to inform you about the fuel economy of one of our available Lexus models.

Beating Others to It

Lexus has made the automotive history books on many occasions. The quality and consistency of Lexus engineering are evident through their innovative technologies. They have been the first to introduce new features many different times, for example:

  • Full hybrid V8 powertrain
  • Standard satellite navigation
  • Luxury hybrid with rear-wheel drive
  • Eight-speed automatic transmission
  • Hybrid powertrain manufacturing plant
  • Full hybrid luxury SUV
  • Low reflection windscreen
  • Collapsible steering column
  • Laser-screw welding
  • Hybrid battery recycling

These are only a few of the firsts Lexus has had over the years. Will you be experiencing the next first by driving a Lexus? Make an appointment with one of our Multi-Line sales associates to learn more about the Lexus models we have available.